Enroll in our Digital Banking Service and have 24/7 access to your accounts and access to services that will meet all your banking needs.

Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Click on New User (website) or Sign Up (App) which can be found under the username and password fields.
  2. Click on LET’S GET STARTED!
  3. Enter in all the required information fields and then click on CONTINUE
  4. Answer four Verification Questions. Three out of four need to be answered correctly in order to continue.  Please Note: If you are not at least 18 years of age or do not have any credit history you will be unable to self-enroll. Please call the bank for assistance to set up your digital banking.
  5. Create a Username and Password; Password Requirements: Must have at least 8 characters including a number, an upper-case letter, a lower-case letter, and a special character. Your password will expire every 365 days. Click on CONTINUE
  6. Select three security questions and provide answers. Click on CONTINUE
  7. Click on VIEW MY ACCOUNT; you will be asked to Authenticate by answering one of the three security questions that you created.
  8. Click on VERIFY to verify your email address or click on Update Email Address if it was entered incorrectly in the previous steps.
  9. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication. Click on LET’S GET STARTED to begin the set up of your Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO App, Text, or phone call).
  10. Provide your cell phone that will be used for multi-factor authentication. Enter in a nickname for the device and then select the operating system of your device. Once you enter in your information and select your device type you will see an option to send a verification code to your device.  Note: If you do not have a smart phone please select the link at the bottom “Use other mobile device or landline”.
  11. Enter the verification code and click on VERIFY DEVICE
  12. Click on USE DUO MOBILE or SKIP THIS STEP. Note: It is recommended to use DUO as your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method for security and ease of use. If you do not use DUO App you will be required to set up MFA via text (SMS) or phone call methods.
  13. After MFA is set up click on COMPLETE SETUP or ADD ANOTHER DEVICE if you would like to set up more than one device to be used for MFA.

Note: The bank’s updated mobile app will allow fingerprint and/or facial recognition for even easier access to your bank information if your smart phone supports those features.