At United Farmers State Bank, we know that sending money in a fast and secure way to family, friends or even to another account at another financial institution is important to our customers. We offer fast, safe, and secure options for moving money to individuals and to other financial institutions at no cost to our customer. Both services are available through our digital banking platform.

Person to Person (P2P)

With SPIN, our new P2P money sending service, funds are transferred in real-time by eliminating account verification steps and money hold days.

Account to Account (A2A)

Using our A2A service you can send or receive money to or from another account you have at any other financial institution in the United States.  Examples of using A2A include sending money to pay a loan at another bank, pulling money from another bank to pay a loan at United Farmers State Bank, or transferring money from a deposit account at another bank to or from a deposit account you have with us.