Mobile Deposit Capture

Click on the Camera Icon, Review and Accept the Terms and Agreement Disclosure (initial use only), Sign it, Snap it, and You’re Done!

*Checks must be endorsed with Signatures of all parties the check is payable to and the following: UFSB Remote Deposit Acct # (print acct check is to be deposited in to)

*Per Item Limit: $1,500.00; Per Day Deposit Limit: $1,500.00; Per Month Deposit Limit: $4,000.00

*Deposits to Checking Accounts Only

*Transaction Cut Off Time is 2:30 p.m. CT

*Next Day Funds Availability to Accounts in Good Standing; however longer delay in funds availability may apply. Please see Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Terms and Agreement for more Details.

*No Fees to use Mobile Deposit Capture